Baby Bucket List

Ready to POP mom? here the bucket list for you before give birth, congratulation and enjoy!

1. Pose (and be candid) for professional pregnancy photos

Instagram selfies as much as the next girl, but professional pregnancy photographs can capture a mama’s – and her growing family’s – style and spirit in ways that continually amaze.

2. Romance

Right now you have the ability to spontaneously walk out of the door with your partner and do anything you want. You could go to dinner, a movie, nowhere even – just have a cuddle on the lounge and talk about your day. These simple things become so desired once they are taken off your plate. Sure, you might still manage a date night, but post-baby it becomes a mission in logistics.

3. Set up baby’s space and gear

Baby’s space will be in master bedroom maybe, in a corner next to the bed. Have prepared a large basket full of cloth diapering supplies in that corner. Do plan to decorate, however, and prepare a cozy, comfortable, colorful space for us to share. Even if it’s just for the sake of strolling and browsing. Take the time to get the stuff you think you’ll need for life after baby now. We’re not just talking about baby gear. Stock up on pampering products for you. As time goes on they’ll be the last thing you throw in the trolley, so stockpile now. Trust me, there will be days when you’ll thank yourself for having a hair treatment in your bathroom cupboard.

4. Stock your freezer

Your future-self will thank you for this. Fill your freezer with batches of cooked comfort food like pasta sauces, lasagne and casseroles while you can. New-mum, meet microwave – you’re going to be best friends.

5. Put yourself first

So, we’re not saying this is impossible once you have kids, but it comes with a healthy dose of the tainting mum-guilt I spoke about earlier. Feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day? DO IT! Feel like browsing in a store for ages? DO IT. Feel like sitting in the sun and reading a book? DO IT. Do it all, now.

6. Catch up with friends

Whether it’s a girls’ night, a dinner date, a cuppa catch-up or an hour-long phone call – minus the many interruptions that are soon to be a constant in your life. Do it now. You won’t regret it, this may be the last adult conversation you have for a while that doesn’t involve nipples, poo or placenta.