Halloween Decorations Using Milk Jugs

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Halloween Decorations Using Milk Jugs

Posted by Boy Adelaide on Thursday, 14 November, 2019 20:37:43

This tutorial will show you how to make cute milk jug ghosts KIDS LOVE THESE. They are supahhh cute and easy to make. Indoor Halloween Decorations 2019 - Duration: 4:23. BeforeAndAfterTV

40 Awesome Crafts Using Milk Jugs 1. Halloween Spirit Jugs. 2. Beautiful Butterflies. 3. Valentine Cards Boxes. 4. Bird Feeder. 5. Fancy Bird Pinata. 6. Solar Ghosts. 7. Hanging Ghost. 8. Jug Cap Spiders. 9. Making a Teapot. 10. Fairy Garden Home. 11. Lunch Tote. 12. Milk Jug Mouse. 13.

Here's how we made our easy Halloween Craft Milk Jug Ghosts: 1. Clean out your empty milk jug. 2. Draw out your Halloween face using a pencil and then complete the face with a permanent sharpie 3. On the opposite side of the face, cut a 3 sided opening flap just about 2 inches wide 4.

Great for Halloween. To make milk jug lantern, you will need :clean gallon milk jugs, black permanent marker, craft knife and string of clear low-wattage christmas lights. Click here for the Insturctions from 'Eighteen 25' VIEW IN GALLERY Click here for DIY beautiful-milk-jug-votives

I'm super excited to make this Halloween decoration! I'm making a witch head from a plastic gallon milk Jug! Supplies I'm using: Plastic gallon milk/water jug Green paint Black paint Black paper

The Scream mask makes an instantly recognizable, scary ghost face that you can easily replicate on your milk jugs. Directions. For this project, you need several milk jugs, some black construction paper, and enough artificial candles to fill the jugs. Wash and dry each milk jug. Once dry, use a knife to cut a small hole in the bottom of each jug.